Boat Tour | Group B | 07-15 Passengers

07-15 passengers | Including Monkey Island | Blue Lagoon

  • 30 minutes
  • $2,000 per person

Service Description

NOTE:    MINIMUM: 07 People   |    MAXIMUM: 15 People This is a private round-trip boat tour that brings you around San San Bay, giving you the chance to visit the famous Monkey Island, to experience its features hands-on. Afterwards you will visit the Turtle Spot and finally a tour around the Blue Lagoon. You can visit the mineral spring after the tour if you want. The price is quoted "PER PERSON". Life jackets are given to each passenger throughout the tour. 1 hour is the normal time period of the tour. However, you can spend up to 2 hours on the island (The time is yours). The tour is 25-30 minutes of boat ride | sightseeing (15 minutes going and another 15 minutes coming back). Tag us on Instagram if you had an awesome experience. There's a Bar & Grill located on Tropical Lagoon's beach. You have to pay a fee of $500 per person to use their beach.

Contact Details

  • Tray's Boating and Rafting Adventures (Portland), Blue Hole Road, Jamaica


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