Why Choose Blue Lagoon Tours?

This business is owned and managed by Errol King - Tray (Alias).

  • My partners mainly includes: 

    • My brother Philbert King - Plucky (Captain),

    • My father Errol King - Benton (Fisherman and Captain)  

    • Few other selected members that can be trusted with our operations.

  • Captain Plucky is in charge of coordinating our raft tours at Blue Lagoon, he will assign guests to different raft captains on our team. Plucky will be your personal captain when doing a boat tour. Cash payments are made directly to Plucky upon arrival.

  • We try to keep all guests informed and updated via our social media platforms. To obtain information about the location wasn't readily available to the public until Tray, made it his duty in 2019, with the creation of his Blue Lagoon Tours' page on Instagram. 

  • We do not charge for consultations, we only ask for your support by booking a tour with us once interested or you can feel free to leave a tip with the donation button. This helps us to maintain our website and social platforms to keep you informed and also to showcase our beautiful island.

  • When you book prior to arrival, it helps us to prioritize our workloads accordingly. This way we can provide efficient and prompt services to clients. To book is easy, all you do is fill out a form with your tour details. Payments are done upon arrival or via bank transfers.


I recommend not to stop with people at the entrance of the Blue lagoon when traveling to us, if you need some assistance, contact Tray or Plucky. Clients often times fail to understand this rule and tend to complain to us when things go wrong.


Unfortunately, If anybody should harass or rob a guest who didn't book, we will not be involve in such event. You will be considered as a guest traveling at your own risk. We only can give account for the guests we have on our system.